Saturday, February 20, 2010

14 weeks

So, yesterday marked 14 weeks, the official beginning of the second trimester! YAY! I had an appointment with the OB and things were good. We got to see the babies on ultrasound and they have gotten so big! They were kicking each other, and it was oh so cute! ♥ We didn't get any new pictures to share, unfortunately. My OB was running quite behind, so I think she was kind of in a hurry. Oh well, most important is knowing they are well! I am dealing with some tachycardia (high pulse rate) which I got a work up for to try to figure out the cause. I had an EKG done yesterday and it was normal rythym, just showed that my heart was beating really fast. I noticed it a few days ago and had planned to talk to her about it anyway and then when they did my vitals my pulse was 125! Not good. Hopefully it is something super simple like anemia that I can take some extra iron for. One can hope anyway, right! ;)

So, while I don't have any new ultrasound pictures to send, I thought I would share my 14 week belly shot! Hard to believe how big I am already, but considering there is 2 in there, I guess it's not that shocking. LOL

In other news, we are strongly considering going this coming Friday (at 15 weeks on the nose!) for a 3d ultrasound for gender determination. We are just SO excited and super impatient to find out what these babies are. I hope, hope, hope for Mike's sake that there is at least 1 boy in there! I honestly don't care either way, I just want 2 healthy babies! :)

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