Saturday, February 27, 2010

15 weeks

Here were are at 15 weeks now. Hard to believe, it really is going by fast! We had a 3d/4d ultrasound done last night, and it was nothing short of AMAZING! The babies are still small enough that they could get both of them in the screen. We got some really neat pictures and some super cool video! We were so super impatient to find out the genders, which is why we scheduled this ultrasound, but we didn't come out with a FOR SURE answer. Based on what was seen, we think there is a boy and a girl in there though! I have been analyzing the picture of the possible boy parts, and I tend to think it might just be a pee pee! LOL Mike isn't convinced yet. I think he is afraid to get excited and be disappointed. Lots of mommies to boys seem to think it looks like a pee pee ... what do you think?
Close up:

We will hopefully be going back in about 2 weeks for another quick peek to verify gender. I would already have it scheduled, but I was in the bathroom (I spend a lot of time in there these days it seems! My bladder is already crowded!) when the offer from the owner was made to come back in 2 weeks. Just need to call her and schedule it!

Here are some of the pictures from the 3d part of the ultrasound. ♥

And here is a super cute little 4d video of them. The one on the bottom watching the show with a smile on it's face is the one we think is a boy and the one who can't be still is the one we think is a girl! ♥

In other news, it turns out that I am indeed anemic, so hopefully that has been the cause of my tachycardia! Just need to take a little extra iron. :) I love it when things are simple - doesn't seem to happen very often! Things are going great. I feel SO BLESSED!

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