Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Survivor ... My Haley Bug

Yesterday didn't turn out so bad after all.  My friend, Carrie and 2 of her kids came over for a little while so the kids could play outside.  Mike went and bought me a comfortable chair to sit outside in the beautiful Virginia weather we are having and watch the kids play.  It sure felt good to feel the sunshine!  Mikaela spent some time pushing Carrie's baby, Lexie, around the yard in her stroller.  It was so cute!  Mikaela just loves babies.  She is going to be a GREAT big sister!

When it was time to get ready for the Relay For Life, Mikaela and Noah (who usually fight like cats and dogs!) were playing so nicely together that we decided Mickey should stay home and they would hang out for a while longer.  I figured since Mikaela hadn't had a nap, she would probably be terrible at the Relay For Life!  Mike took Haley and her friend Kasey to the Relay For Life, so it was even more special for Haley without the grumpy 2 year old whining constantly!  LOL  Aunt Tiffany met them there after she got off work also.  Before they left, Carrie and I took some pictures of Haley, our survivor!  I didn't have the best vantage point sitting in my chair, so Carrie took over!  :)  Here is My Haley Bug ... My Survivor!  8 years in remission from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia!

After they left, we sat outside for a little longer then we all moved inside so I could lay down on the couch.  The kids even played nicely inside!  When it was time to Carrie and the kids to leave, me and Mickey laid on the couch together and watched Monsters, Inc.  It was some good mommy/Mickey time!  It was all a great distraction for me, who was super bummed to be missing out on the Relay For Life.  Every year, watching Haley walk the survivor lap is such a special time, a time to relish in what a miracle she is and how blessed we are.  But, Mike did a great job documenting it with pictures for me, so that made me happy!  Here they are.

Haley signing the survivor banner

Haley won a door prize at the Survivor Reception!  She gave it to a very happy Mickey when she got home since she is a little old to be into princesses now.  ;)

Haley walking the survivor lap

Walking the survivor lap with Kasey

Haley & Aunt Tiffany

While I am sad to have missed it, I know I am doing what I have to do for Carly and Callie right now.  Things seem to be status quo.  Still having contractions, but nothing regular.  I still worry that I won't know when I need to go back to L&D, but I am just putting my trust in God and doing everything I know I can to keep these girls baking for many weeks to come!

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