Saturday, March 6, 2010

16 Weeks

Yesterday marked 16 weeks! Hard to believe how fast it is going now. I had an OB appointment. The best news of the day was we started cervical length checks yesterday. They like for your cervix to measure 3cm or greater. She did 2 measurements of mine and they were 4.75cm and 3.6cm, both over what they like to see, which is wonderful! Why are we doing this some of you may be wondering? As the length of the cervix decreases, the risk for spontaneous preterm birth rises. As someone who has had a very preterm delivery and who is now pregnant with multiples, checking cerivical length is a tool to assess my risk for preterm delivery. So this is good news so far, let's hope it stays that way!

We saw that both babies had heartbeats on the ultrasound they did to check my cervical length, so we know they are still thriving. Unfortunately, with this type of u/s, we didn't get any new pictures of the baby, or the look at gender I was hoping for! But, the babies are healthy, and that is the most important thing by far!!! The babies' heartbeats were 150 and 154. ♥

Here is a 16 weeks belly shot. I can't imagine how huge this thing is going to get in the coming months!!

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