Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is it Friday yet???

Friday I will be 18 weeks!  We have an OB appointment at 3pm, which I am looking forward to!  Can't wait to see what my cervix is doing - I have a feeling it's holding strong though.  I am less nervous now with my OB appointments because I can consistently find the heartbeats with my doppler now, and I am quite sure it is 2 different babies!!  Feels good to be able to check on them whenever I want.  :) 

Then, the really exciting news is that same evening at 6pm, we are having our repeat 3d ultrasound!!!  We should be able to tell without a doubt the sexes of these babies!!!  I am dying of curiosity!  I NEED to know!  LOL  Aside from just being curious, I want to be able to do some shopping to get prepared before I am not able to waddle around the stores anymore!!  It is already getting hard to shop most days.  I just tire out so quickly and the round ligament pain gets out of control if I walk too much.  (Not to mention the back pain!)  Carrying 2 babies really is a lot different than carrying 1!!! 

So, I say again, IS IT FRIDAY YET???? Oh yeah, Happy St. Patty's Day!!

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