Friday, March 26, 2010

19 weeks ... Thankful for 2 Healthy Babies!

Today we had our anatomy scan.  It was such a neat experience!  Our little girls were kicking and touching each other through their placentas.  ♥ We have 2 very healthy looking little girls! They each weigh about 11oz already. Amazing! Baby A's heart rate was 150 and Baby B was 147. Baby A (the one closest to my cervix) is our laid back one that likes to just relax. Baby B is our fiesty little girl who is constantly on the move! It's kind of funny, because from the looks of it, we have a Haley and a Mikaela in there! hehe

I am just feeling so blessed beyond measure. I honestly never thought both of these babies would make it. When we found out it was twins, I just knew at each early ultrasound that one or both of them would have died. Sounds morbid, but it's what you come to expect after so much heartache. Here were are, almost halfway through and this has been a model pregnancy! I am at the point where preterm labor started with Mikaela. There aren't any signs of that yet. I fully expected it to start much sooner and be terrible! Just goes to show that we are not in charge, and everything comes on God's time, not ours.

Well, here are my favorite pictures from the ultrasound this morning. So super cool! I am amazed that I have 2 perfect little baby girls growing in my belly. ♥

2 little heads - you can see Baby A's face

Their little heads - they were laying the same direction most of the time

4 perfect feet and 20 perfect toes ♥

Baby A profile

Baby A

Baby A's perfect little hand with Baby B's head on the left

Baby B profile

Baby B with her hand up by her face ♥

Baby B

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