Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jerr Bear

This post is dedicated to my sister in law's cat, Jerry, whom we affectionately call "Jerr Bear." He is gray and white, super fluffy and just as crossed eyed as he can be. He is really quite adorable, and one of the most lovable cats I have EVER met! He has been my little snuggle buddy since I got pregnant with the twins - he definitely seems to sense them!

Shortly after they moved here almost a year ago, he started peeing outside the litter box. It would just be found in random places, however we know he was also using the litter box. This would happen sporadically over the last year, and he would sometimes go months without doing it. However, recently it got completely out of hand. After 4 days of finding new places that he had peed, the final straw was when Mike wanted to kill the cat after finding it in his closet all over his things. We had had it with the cat pee in our house, and the only solution that didn't involve forcing them to give up a beloved pet was to have him stay on the back patio. He was only out there one night, and he escaped. He was gone the next morning and we were all worried about him. (Well, I'm not sure if Mike was, but he was out looking for him at 7am!) The back patio obviously wasn't a viable option either.

So, he went to the vet just to see if maybe it was urinary tract infection. I had read online and been told by many people that often times when cats pee outside the litter box it is because of a UTI. As it turns out, poor Jerr Bear has a sever bladder infection! Poor little thing. We honestly didn't think it was a medical problem because it started shortly after they moved in here. Goodness only knows how long the poor thing has suffered with the infection! So, this is a public service announcement ... if your cat starts to pee outside it's litter box, take it to the vet immediately!! Even if it doesn't seem like a plausible explanation to the problem, it really is the first step in figuring out the problem. We could have avoided a ton of stress in this house that way!

Here is the little cutie, Jerry. I saw him laying in the beautiful light today and had to snap a few pictures of him!

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  1. He is a truly adorable cat. He looks so distinguished in the last pic. Our previous dog kept UTI's for a long time when we first got her. The only way we ever knew she was sick with one was when she had an accident in the house or when we walked her she would pee on the sidewalk before we got to the grass. We also however found a vital clue that helped us, which was that she would pee blood if we had ignored the initial symptoms. We had to put her on antibiotics for six weeks to clear it completely because they kept recurring. I hope he feels better.