Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just ... Sad

Today I feel deflated. I've been feeling so wonderful lately, focusing on the positive and feeling really happy. Today ... I am just SAD. I can't shake it. Mike left this morning and it was gut wrenching. Mickey cried so hard in the driveway that she threw up. She said as Mike was pulling away, "I wish Daddy didn't have to do this. He's just leaving us behind." It's painful enough what I am feeling, but to feel the pain of my 2 girls who are old enough to feel the pain with me ... heart wrenching!!! I know we will be fine and people do it all the time and it's part of our lives as a military family, but this just plain old sucks. My only hope is that Zumba this afternoon will cheer me up if I can drag my sad self out of the house. All this sadness and tears is making me feel sad about other things that I am trying to let go of. I am just not good at letting go. I care too much. Ugh. I really hope tomorrow is a better day. I fear this day is ruined. I just have to keep chanting ... happiness is a choice ... happiness is a choice ...

We did have a great day together yesterday. Haley stayed home from school and we just soaked up every last minute together that we could! We took the kids to the park for some quick pictures with Daddy and then let them all play. These are the moments that we so easily take for granted. We are working on not doing that anymore!

The babies were so cute playing at the park!  I can't believe how big they are getting ... walking around and climbing on the play equipment.  They are such a BLESSING to our family.  ♥

After the park we went to 7-Eleven so Mickey and Haley could go get Slurpees with Daddy, which Mickey BEGS for all the time and rarely gets!  :-)  I wish I could put yesterday on repeat.  It was great.  Today sucks, but I think I already mentioned that.  Ah well, tomorrow is another day ...

I love this guy through thick and thin!

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