Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 very sick babies = 1 week with no posts!

This has been a very rough week.  Carly and Callie have both been very sick.  They both have ear infections and are on the dreaded NASTY drug Augmentin!  Carly had fevers of 104+ for several nights and even after starting antibiotics on Wednesday night STILL had a fever last night.  If she still has one today, then this nasty antibiotic obviously isn't working.  She is still sleeping now, so we shall see.  This nasty antibiotic has given them both diarrhea, but Carly has alligator skin!  It's not bothering her little hiney a bit.  Callie, on the other hand, has the most sensitive skin ever!  Poor baby has a really nasty diaper rash and it's making her miserable.  It did look a lot better this morning thanks to the Nystatin, but it's still super raw, even bleeding.  I feel so bad for them.  I'll be super glad when they are feeling all better.  Poor little babies!!  Mike and Haley both got it too, but they were not too bad off.  Thankfully Mickey and I have avoided it so far.  Fingers crossed we can keep it that way!

There isn't a whole lot to report from this week, since most of it was spent holding very cranky, sick babies, but I do have something fun to tell you about!  A few weeks ago, Mickey found a caterpillar in the garage.  At first she was completely disgusted and came in the house crying that there was a worm in the garage and "it was moving" she said!  LOL  She's definitely a diva, that one!  Full of drama.  But anyway, daddy and I told her how caterpillars were awesome and they turn into butterflies so she decided she liked it.  We put it in a little container and fed it some leaves just so she could watch it for a little bit, and shortly thereafter, it spun itself into a cocoon!   I have to admit, I was fully convinced it was just dead and had spun itself a death web!  LOL  Mike kept saying it was going to turn into a butterfly and Mickey was very excited.  I was just not convinced.  We all kept checking on it not knowing what to expect.  Well, yesterday afternoon, Mike called me into the garage.  (He spent the day outside mostly cutting the grass and planting in the garden with Mickey.)  Our "butterly" had come out of it's cocoon.  Except, it wasn't a butterfly, it was a moth!  An Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth, to be exact.  I was SHOCKED!  I really thought the caterpillar had just died!  But here he is!  I've never thought a moth was so cute before!!

Mickey was so cute, she was SO excited!!  She said, "He finally hatched!  I was waiting and waiting and I was patient!"  It was so adorable.  She still thinks he's going to turn into a butterfly after he's a moth, but what can you tell an almost 4 year old?  LOL

Well, I hear fussy babies calling, so time to go!  But what a fun bit of excitement yesterday for an otherwise long and stressful week!  :-)

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  1. OMG! That IS the cutest moth I have ever seen. lol I miss my Mickey. :*-(