Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crazy Storm!

Most of today was just gorgeous.  Sunny, hot, playing outside weather!  Then right around 4pm, when I was getting the kids ready to head out to pick Haley up from school, it got really dark outside.  Then this CRAZY wind came out of nowhere!  I got Mickey and Carly in the car before the rain started, but poor Callie and I got SOAKED because it had started pouring rain when I brought her out to the car.  As soon as I got her buckled and myself into the car (soaked as I was!) it started hailing!  The hail was pretty good size too - like bouncy ball size.  I was sitting in my car needing to go pick up Haley, but terrified to go anywhere!  I called Mike to ask him if I should be worried, not sure if there were tornado warnings or anything as the power was knocked out pretty much immediately from the wind so I wasn't sure.  I read later this evening that the winds were 60-70mph!  I don't doubt it.  It was just sever thunderstorm warning.  So, I just sat in the driveway until the rain settled down some.  When I finally did leave, I was blown away by all the tree limbs and power lines down!  It was only 10 minutes max, but it did quite a bit of damage!  WOW!

So when Mike got home from work, a little earlier than usual to assess any storm damage, he and Mickey were cleaning up all the debris from the yard.  Mickey was so cute with her little wagon helping daddy!  ♥

Our power was only out for about 6 hours or so, GO Dominion VA Power!  I was expecting a few days, because there were a LOT of people without power in the area ... like 160,000+!  With all the destruction and devastation from storms lately, I am so thankful this wasn't so bad.  A little yard cleanup and a few hours without power are no big deal!  :-)

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