Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Hang Out

I love that the kids like to hang out at my house.  I have a regular group of preteen/teenage kids that hang out here.  I love that I know what is going on with them and that they are having good, clean FUN!  :-)  The trampoline gets a whole lot of mileage.  It used to have a nice net around it, but they all ripped it to shreds long ago.  Carly and Callie got their first taste of bouncing on the trampoline, very lightly, before the big kids got on and went CRAZY!  LOL

Then after the jumping on the trampoline, Haley held Carly for a ride on the swing.  So sweet!  I held Callie and gave her a ride on the swing too, but I looked a hot mess, and it was not a pretty picture!  LOL  They really liked it.  Haley is such a good big sister.  ♥

While all this was going on, Mike and Mickey were hard at work planting in the garden.

Oh yeah.  Our poor little seedlings mostly all died.  Apparently we didn't have the magic touch to grow them from seeds.  So, Mike bought some already started plants that are surprisingly cheap!  He bought me 2 cilantro plants ... grow babies, grow!!!  LOL

Then we had a yummy barbeque and I was doing Zumba moves in the yard with the kids.  The weather was beautiful, the food was YUMMY and we all just had a great time.  What a great day!  ♥

Oh, and I almost forgot ... Callie learned how to climb up the step in our sunken living room today!  OH BOY!  No more keeping her contained in the living room.  Carly won't be far behind!

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