Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A GREAT Holiday Weekend

We just had the most wonderful holiday weekend!  Mike had a 4 day weekend, which is HUGE since he works so much and we don't get to spend much time together other than weekends.  Friday was spent putting together Mike's chief package, which was pretty stressful for him!  But, it's done and on it's way and fingers crossed he makes it this year!  God knows he deserves it, and the extra money would be so nice.  :-)

Saturday was super fun!  While there was a little disappointment when we tried to go strawberry picking with Mickey because the field closed early for being picked out, the rest of the day was completely awesome!  We went and met my cousin Linsi and her fiance, Carson, at their campground in Virginia Beach.  They were camping at North Landing Beach on the North Landing River.  It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day.  We took the kids for a swim in the river first, where Haley and Mickey were splashing each other and really playing, which is kind of rare given the huge age difference!  It was fun to watch.  ♥

Then we went to their campsite for a snack before heading to the campground pool.  Carly was eating an apple and a clementine on Linsi's lap and loving life!

On the way back to the campsite Mickey played on the playground for a little bit and then a water balloon fight!  Mike and Mickey versus Linsi and Haley.

Back at the campsite, the girls were helping Linsi and Carson start the fire so we could have a weiner roast and make smores, of course!  Carly slept through the fire making, but Callie watched intently!

Afterwards, we decided to take a walk around the campground as the sun was setting, and there was the most beautiful sunset over the river!  Just gorgeous.

My beautiful Mickey silhouette ♥

We then had a blasty blast people watching on our walk around the campground.  People are so funny ... especially the people who were camping there this weekend!  LOL  We had a great time just hanging out with Linsi and Carson.  They are really cool people.  So glad they decided to come here and go camping!

Sunday we had Mickey's birthday party.  It wasn't as grand as I had planned it in my head, but she said it was the best day ever, so that's all that really matters!  ♥  She got her strawberry cupcakes, so she was happy.  :-)


Finally, on Monday (after my morning Zumba!) we gathered up all the kids and headed to the pool at the YMCA!  It was Carly and Callie's first time at the pool.  Callie absolutely LOVED it!  She was just a splashing and trying to crawl away from us in the baby pool!  She's crazy.  LOL  Carly wasn't so sure about it all, and just clung to me the whole time.  She was happy as long as I was holding her or she was sitting in my lap.  My friend (and AWESOME Zumba instructor!) Jessica took a picture of all of us since it was their first time at the pool.  I realized later, sadly, I think this is the first family picture of ALL of us!  I have GOT to remedy that situation ASAP!

The babies are so good!  They totally just go with the flow of whatever we are doing, sleeping in their stroller when they are tired.  Although, little Miss Carly was SO tired, that she fell asleep on me IN THE POOL!  LOL  After we left the pool, we went home to cook out a yummy dinner.  We just had a super great weekend.  I am so thankful for my family.  They are my whole world, and I amd SO lucky!  ♥

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