Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And, They're OFF!

It was so nice when C&C were contained in the sunken living room to happily play and crawl about.  An easy little area to baby proof and (try) to keep free of dog hair.  (Thank you Izzie!)  Gone are those days.  As I said in Sunday's post, Callie learned to get up the step, and I said Carly wouldn't be far behind.  Carly was intently watching her sister go up the step and sit up in the new area playing this morning.  Can't you just see the wheels turning?

Well, she figured it out in that sweet little head of hers!  Moments later she was right up there with her sister.  Now there is no stopping them.  They are all over the house!!  Iyiyi.  I thought I couldn't get anything done before?  Callie took her first spill down the step today too.  It's getting real interesting around here.  I am in serious need of some baby gates.  Trying to find some on craigslist or something for super cheap - no luck so far though.

It's really cute how much C&C love Mickey.  They get so excited when she wakes up and they see her for the first time!  They love to play with her.  It's just so sweet and melts my heart.  ♥

I love my brothers, but I always wanted a sister!  My kids each get 3 sisters.  How fun!  I guess they might always wonder what it would have been like to have a brother though.  LOL

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