Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Months Old & Zumbatomic!

How does time fly by so fast?  How is it possible my little babies are 10 months old!?!?  It seriously feels like yesterday they were born, little tiny in the NICU in their isolettes.  It's downright scary how fast the time flies by these days.  Today was a busy day.  We went to the Y this morning and I did Zumba!  YAY!  I just can't help talking about how happy Zumba makes me.  I love looking forward to working out.  :-)  I wanted to do my Fitquest workout too, but I forgot to print it before I left and then couldn't seem to login there to print it.  FAIL!  (LOL - Mickey said that to Mike one time when he tried to do something but it didn't work out.)

So, we came home and had lunch and Mickey played with the girls next door for a while.  I did my usual Mommy thing.  Before I knew it, it was time to leave for the Y again - Zumbatomic!  Zumba for kids, a class taught by my favorite instructor for kids 4-7.  Mickey will be 4 next month anyway.  ;-)  I thought for sure Mickey would love it!  That girl is full of so much sass, Zumba was made for her!  Apparently Mickey is very shy in a group of kids doing an organized activity.  She just stood there for the entire half hour of class pretty much!  I was helping her do some stuff, and the instructor took her hand and tried to get her involved too.  Another little girl even took her hand and tried to get her to do it!  Oh well, maybe she will loosen up if we keep going.

I wanted to stay and do some Fitquest workout and take Jessica's Zumba class, but when I went to drop Mickey off at child watch, Callie was screaming her little head off, so we couldn't stay.  Mickey was bummed - she had a lot of fun at child watch this morning!  So, we came home and she was being all cute doing the moves we saw in class.  We are practicing them (what this poor Mommy brain can remember anyway!) so maybe she will be excited to do it in class next week.  She says she wants to shake her booty with Miss Jessica next time.  She's so darn cute, when she's not being naughty and driving me bonkers anyway!  HA!

Lastly, I am praying for my mother in law and her family in Birmingham, AL.  There have been several tornadoes and they are saying at least 40 people have died in Alabama today.  So sad and scary.  It's terrible when you know your loved ones are in the path of danger and you can only hope and pray they remain safe.  I am praying for everyone there - so much destruction and devastation!

Now it's time to get a shower and get ready to hit the hay!  This mommy is exhausted!

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