Thursday, April 28, 2011

Haley's Turn and a Surprise For Me!

I got the most AWESOME surprise in the mail today, which I later found out I wasn't supposed to open, but how was I supposed to know?  LOL  But anyway, it is a gorgeous camera bag from Jo Totes!!  I have been drooling over wanting it for a while now.  My favorite color and it's just so pretty!  ♥  When I saw the mail woman with the box, I knew exactly what it was ... I'd recognize that "a very special delivery" box anywhere!  I was baffled, knowing I hadn't ordered it, but tore into it anyway!  The card inside said, "Happy Mother's Day!  Happy Birthday!  We love you, Mike, Haley, Mickey, Callie and Carly."  How sweet!  My wonderful Aunt Terri and my husband were in cahoots to get this for me.  It definitely wouldn't have been possible without her - it's tough living on one income!  I am over the moon happy and so thankful!!!!!

After I sat and stared at my bag all afternoon - HAHA!  Just kidding ... after all the usual chaos, it was Haley's turn for Zumbatomic!  She was so cute and did a great job getting those moves down.  I spaced and forgot my camera.  Darn!  I have to say, I am such a sap.  I was watching her giggling and trying to get the moves, and I found myself getting teary-eyed.  It's just so great to look at her and see normalcy.  From her extremely early birth to her battle with cancer, she has had some pretty big odds to overcome in her life.  For her to be so healthy now is nothing short of a miracle.  It just hit me watching her tonight.  I am so, so blessed with this amazing child!  ♥

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