Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Slobbery, Snotty, Standing, Crawling, Pulling Up Babies!

How's that for a blog post title??  LOL

Carly is working SO hard to get her first teeth.  Her slobbering is on overdrive.  It's pretty gross, I have to admit!  Both girls apparently picked up some new illness, because they are both back to being a complete snotty mess.  Yuck doesn't even cover this.  Snot bubbles?  Yeah, we got 'em!  Thick yellowish, greenish snot that has to be suctioned several times a day?  Check.  I'll take the slobber over that stuff any day of the week (and twice on Sunday!)  I had them both back to the doctor yesterday because they have low grade fevers.  They both still have fluid on their ears, but it's not infected.  Callie's was completely clear and Carly's was cloudy, but not quite in need of doing another antibiotic just yet.  It could go either way though.  We are doing Zyrtec and Benadryl to try to dry up the fluid.  Fingers crossed it works, especially for Callie because boy does that kid now hate to take medicine!  She did not like the Amoxicillin at all - it takes 2 people to give it to her!  She's a strong little baby!!!  She is now ruined from taking any and all medicine.  Sigh.  Carly is also on breathing treatments every 4-6 hours because she is wheezing.  Let me tell you, a 9 month old baby is not down with sitting still with a face mask on for 10 minutes!  LOL  I really do not enjoy torturing my children, but anyone walking by my open windows today might have begged to differ between the suctioning of noses and breathing treatments!  HA!

So, now they can each stand while holding on to the couch now.  Oh boy.  It won't be long before they are cruising and then WALKING!  God help me when they are both that mobile!

LOL  For now, they are both CRAWLING!!!  Well, they each have their own version of crawling anyway.  Callie does the commando crawl, but she can do it really fast!  Carly, as of yesterday, is doing the full on crawl!  It's really slow and there are some oopsies, but she is doing it!

Pictures don't really do it though, do they?  How about some videos from my handy dandy Droid instead?  :-)

And finally, Carly is trying her darndest to pull up.  Right now that consists of her just pulling up on her knees rather than her feet.  I really don't like this stage.  I see lots of boo boos in our future until they figure it all out. But, these are also fun times!  Watching them constantly discovering new things and getting great joy from seeing them do their "firsts."  I've said it before and I'll say it again ... Life is a MIRACLE!

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  1. They have got to be the cutest thing in the world!! Callie crawling is hillarious. Carly is just so petite and adorable.

    Andy is not far behind them! He was pushing himself backwards all over the hardwood floor tonight in his jammies. It was quite a site. I have to get some video of it and post it.

    Love you!!