Monday, April 11, 2011

DC, Here We Come!

Yesterday was wonderful!  We were all well rested once again.  ;-)  It was a gorgeous day, so the kids spent most of the day playing outside.  The trampoline never ceases to provide hours and hours of fun for all the kids!  We got them to stop jumping long enough for a picture of all 6 of our beautiful girls though!  :-)

Kylie and Haley decided to try riding double on our tree swing, which ended up being super fun!

So then, of course, Kami and Mickey had to give it a try!

We were going to go to the park, but everyone was having so much fun in the backyard, we didn't end up going!  Kelly and I had plans to go to dinner, just us 2 at my FAVORITE place ... YEP!  Plaza Azteca!  It was so much fun to be able to just sit and talk without interruption.  And the food was fabulous of course!  ;-)  While we ate dinner at Plaza, Haley and Kylie got dropped off at the movies to see "Soul Surfer!"  They said it was amazing and inspirational!  It sure looks like a good movie, and so glad they enjoyed themselves.

Today we are off to Washington DC for a few days.  This is what brought them to Virginia - Sam (the dad and husband we never talk about!  LOL) is being processed for a new government job and the processing takes place in DC.  So, Haley is getting a 3 day vacation from school and we are all going up to DC with them!  Looking forward to it - it should be the perfect time to see all the beautiful cherry blossoms!  So, I'll be back in a few days with lots of pictures, I'm sure!


  1. Hey you're up in my neck of the woods! LOL!

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