Monday, April 18, 2011

I hate Goodbye For Nows

Well, the Young family is back in Florida, safe and sound after some rough weather on the drive home.  Thank God they made it without running into any of those tornadoes.  So sad - they saw a lot of destruction and even a washing machine on I-95!  It could have been bad with the wrong timing.  They are already missed terribly.  *sniff*  I always have to remind myself of this little quote I found once right before one of their visits - it was on a little hanging plaque and I bought one for Haley and one for Kylie and we gave it to them the day they were leaving.  It said, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."  I'm doing my best to smile over here, but it doesn't seem to be working out.  I am cranky.  I miss my best friend and her awesome family!  :-(  We sure had some fun while they were here though.  We didn't do anything special (aside from travelling to DC), but we didn't need to.  We are all just so happy to spend time together and laugh and let the kids play.  I love that about us.  :-)

Our trip to DC was fun, simply because we were together!  (Notice a theme here?)  It was cold and rainy and, yeah, those Cherry Blossoms I talked about?  We were about a week too late it turns out!  DARN!  See all the pretty petals on the ground and not on the tree?  It sure smelled good though!!

We did find one lone, gorgeous tree that still had a blossoms on it!  PHOTO OP!  Rain and all, Uncle Sam yelling at us that we were crazy and it was too cold for the babies!  haha  Kelly and I, we are picture taking fools - we knew it would be OK for 10 small minutes or less!  ;-)

 This picture is a funny story - CLASSIC!  So, Kylie is holding Carly (on the far right of the frame) and Kylie is a little, shall we say, OCD about things so baby slobber and spit up really gross her out!  She was happily holding Carly and going on about how sweet she was, and had no clue that Carly had spit up on her!  LOL  This picture is the moment when the other 3 big girls realized what had happened.  Haley is just looking, Kami  just has a priceless look of disgust on her face and Mickey's face says, "OH DEAR!!!"  SO FUNNY!!!!  This picture makes me laugh so hard!

But, we went to the Jefferson Memorial and also consequently saw the Washington Monument!  The kids had fun; Kelly and I had a blast; and the babies were real troopers even though they were sick and on antibiotics! :-)

They are the best of friends ♥

And here are the pictures from the rest of the trip, just our families enjoying being together after nearly 2 years!

I love looking at the pictures and remembering all the good times.  I love that about photos!  What a don't love is the goodbye for now part!  It's the worst.  It's hard enough just saying goodbye and not knowing when we will see them again, but the heart shattering part is watching Kylie and Haley, the best friends there ever was, saying goodbye.  It's absolute torture.  They hold on to one another for dear life.  Sit and refuse to let go of one another and have even been known to barricade themselves in rooms before!  The tears are many and it is just complete and utter sadness.  It breaks my heart to even think of it now.  I hope we can find a way to have more frequent visits.  *sniff*

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