Friday, April 1, 2011

A MUCH better day!

Today was SUCH a better day.  I guess we are all entitled to a bad day every now and then, and I sure hope we don't have another for a long time!

This morning started off great.  I got to spend some morning time with Carly and Callie while big sister, Mickey, slept in.  They are so happy in the mornings!  The were being extra cute laying next to each other on the living room floor drinking their morning bottles.  ♥

And, while they are not officially crawling yet, they are definitely mobile!  They know how to scoot wherever they want to get!  They are all over the living room now!!!!  Once they learn to get up the step, it will be serious GATE time!

After their morning bottles, they had fun watching Mommy vacuum.  It's simply fascinating to them!  Then, we turned up the music and had a dance party.  Good way to get in cardio?  Dancing while holding 2 babies weighing almost 40 pounds together!  ;-)  They thought it was great fun too!

Mickey was super excited to see that some of her seeds had already started to sprout, which made her day!  I am shocked at how much they have sprouted already!  So far, it's mostly just the Mesclun (a salad mixture) that is sprouting, but it gives me hope for them all!  hehe

We took a family trip to the YMCA today to workout, which was nice.  The babies actually seem to really enjoy going to child watch and after standing at the window waiting for me the whole time on Monday, Mickey actually played in there today too!  Our friends Nick and Juliane and their kids were there as well, so Juliane and I worked out together and made plans to do 2 classes tomorrow; Abs and More and ... ZUMBA!  I hope I don't look too stupid, but it sure looks like fun!  Wish me luck!  ;-)

And, on a sad note, today I pulled the last of the frozen breastmilk out of the freezer.  Callie and Carly were never able to nurse because they needed extra calories added to their bottles when they were teeny tiny, so I pumped so that their breastmilk could be fortified.  By the time Callie was chubby enough to not need it anymore, she didn't have the desire or patience to learn to breastfeed.  Carly always like to nurse, and I did nurse her in the middle of the night, but by the time she could be done with the extra calories, my supply had already started to get lower and wasn't satisfying her.  So, I pumped for 8 months for them!  I am pretty proud of that.  Not only was it becoming nearly impossible to continue to find the time to pump, but my supply had gotten to pretty much a useless amount.  So, here is the last of my 8 months of pumping.  :-(

Ok, I better get to sleep so I will be energized for those classes in the morning!


  1. Good job on the pumping! We were never able to get the breastfeeding down. Lily was eager, but was so small she couldn't latch properly. And we had to add so much for her to keep it down that I was always pumping instead and it was never enough, my supply just died out.

    I have the zumba Wii game, it kicks my butt!!! I like being able to do it where no one can watch lol

  2. GREAT job pumping!!! I am pretty freakin proud of myself this time around with breast feeding. About time I get it right with number 4! (((LOL)))

    Glad you had a better day!

    Can't believe your seeds already sprouted. That's awesome!!! We tried a kit that looked similar last year and it didn't work AT ALL. I am waiting till the end of the month to let Noah & Lex plant their grow pails. It's too cold here still...

    Love LOVE love all the pics and your blog!

    Love & Miss. C

  3. Jessica - I am like you. I was TERRIFIED to go do the class!!! But, my friend has done it before and she loves it, so I was OK going with someone and trying it! It wasn't so bad, and I had a LOT of fun! The teacher was great. :-)