Monday, March 28, 2011

9 Month Checkup

First off, can we just pretend it's not Monday and therefore not weigh day?  o_O  The scale said 178 this morning.  Pretty much back to square one.  I am not super shocked though - I started off great with the working out last week, then lost my mojo midweek.  Then on top of that, I cheated hardcore Saturday night with the JUMBO margarita, chips and salsa and Mexican food and then wasn't so great on Sunday about eating either.  I am just not going to let it discourage me and try to get back on track FOR REAL this week!  Starting with going to the Y today.  I was supposed to meet my friend for a class, but she didn't show up.  So ended up just doing my favorite elliptical type machine and burned 324 calories in 25 minutes!  :-)  The class was at 6:20, and wouldn't you know at 5:35 BOTH Carly and Callie were still sleeping from their nap that started around 4:20ish.   Darn Murphy's Law - the kids always sleep forever when you plan to go somewhere!  I had to walk into 2 babies that were sleeping this peacefully, and wake them up ...

This afternoon was Carly and Callie's 9 month checkup.  They are doing awesome!  Carly is 17lbs 9oz, 26.5 inches and Callie is 20lbs 1oz, 26 inches.  They are doing amazing, and like I have said before, you would never know these 2 were preemies to look at them!  :-P

I now have the startings of a migraine - lately I always get visual disturbances just before.  Still need to make that doctor appointment to get my migraine meds!  So I took some Tylenol (even though I know it won't help) and am going to TRY to relax and hope it doesn't come on too strong.


  1. I can't believe your preemies are bigger than my full term baby - my baby turned 9 months on Monday and she's only 16lbs 6 oz - she's a petite little thing!! Your little nuggets are so adorable!!!! I love reading your blog.

    Krista - saxygirl25 from SoulCysters

  2. Wow! They are SO big! I can't wait to see what Lily weighs when I take her in on the 11th. I've been weighing her at home and the last I checked she was only 15lbs 7ozs