Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I was able to really get back into the swing of things today!  I cleaned up the house and kitchen in the morning and then in the early afternoon, I did my workout for the first time in over a week!  It felt great, even though I was pretty whooped!  haha  I also took some pictures of Carly and Callie today - they are just getting so big! Here are a few.

And These two are scooting ALL over the place now!  They are both starting to get up on their knees too, but Callie Marie is going to be crawling sooner than later!  She can stay on her knees better than Carly.  Check them out!

And we are deep in the throws of teething - Callie's are just about to pop through and Carly won't be far behind - so we have quite a bit of fussing going on too!  Poor babies!

Later in the afternoon, I loaded Carly and Callie in their stroller and Mickey got her tricycle and we went for a walk!  It was a gorgeous day, and we took advantage.

The babies were just as quiet as could be and enjoyed seeing all the different sights.  Mickey had to stop every so often to pick dandelions and to make wishes on the dead dandelions.  She is so darn cute!

We went one lap around and then Mickey's legs were tired, so we grabbed Haley Bug and she pulled Mickey in the wagon.  ♥

And then Mickey wanted Haley to get in so she could pull her!  She is pretty strong, because she did it!

Then towards the end I pulled them both in the wagon while pushing the stroller!  A little extra workout for mommy!  ;-)  What a great day!  I LOVE MY KIDS!!!!

Oh yeah - I almost forgot to add!  After our walk, I left the babies in the stroller in the garage and went through Mickey's old clothes to get the things Carly and Callie could start wearing!  A fun project for today.  :-)  I found lots of stuff for them, and bagged up 3 trash bags of stuff for Goodwill that doesn't fit them anymore or looked too ragged!  Mickey got to play with the girls next door too, so she was a happy, happy girl!  She was so exhausted after dinner, she begged to go to bed!

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