Friday, March 25, 2011

I am a Bunny

The Richard Scarry Book, "I am a Bunny" is pretty special in our house.  I read it to Mickey every day when she was a baby and when she was just little tiny, a matter of months old, she could point out the bunny on every page!

It was so cute, and now, her little sister Carly is following in her footsteps.  Both girls like to sit and listen to the story (and try to eat the book!) but Carly can point out the bunny on every page just like Mickey did.  It's amazing how their little brains work!

I am just treasuring the little moments today, because I have got some seriously fussy little girls still!  Once I can get one happy, the other is screaming!  And, they are on opposite napping schedules today to boot.  Doesn't look like much is going to get done today either - although, I have already done several loads of laundry, so I guess that counts as productivity!  ;-)

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