Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today has been some kind of busy day!  (And it's not even 5 o'clock!)  I had to take Mike to Virginia Beach this morning to pick truck up from the shop before work.  Lucky for me, Aunt Tiffany was off work today and came and sat with the kids while I did so I didn't have to drag all the kids out early this morning.  I did my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout as soon as I got back home!  FEEL THE PAIN!  But man is it a good pain.  :-)  Callie was a good little baby and slept through the entire workout, but Carly was being a fussy pants towards the end.  I kept trying to be extra animated as she watched me, while also sticking the mimi (that's what we call a pacifier around this house - Mickey dubbed it that when she was a baby!) in her mouth every so often.  I made it through though - I am determined!!

Once my workout was done, I moved on to my cleaning/organization project for the day.  When we put up the Christmas tree this year (well, I guess that would be last year actually!) I moved the 2 baskets, 1 for books and 1 for toys, that we keep where we put up the tree.  I put them in front of the front door.  This was meant to be temporary until I figured out where else to put them.  However, we don't use our front door because it is really hard to open and pretty much impossible (definitely impossible for me, but Mike and his big guns can do it!) to get shut and locked again thanks to our sinking house (but, that's whole 'nother issue!), so they just kind of stayed there and it became a disaster. (Partly because I stole one of the baskets last weekend for my very first organization project, the linen closet, and just dumped the toys in the floor to be dealt with later, which became today.) This was a much bigger project than yesterday, even though it might not look like it from the picture to follow.  I had to first empty out another basket we had to hold baby toys. Then I began sorting through the toys, putting baby toys in the new basket and taking Mickey's toys to her room or one of her toy baskets in the living room.  I dumped all the books out of the basket to reorganize them so they would fit better, even though I know it will be a mess again very soon!  Followed all that up with cleaning and sanitizing the area (don't ask) and vacuuming.  It turned into a 2 hour project thanks to fussy babies that didn't want to nap and then proceeded to sit and fight over toys, and the million times Mickey interrupted for this or that.  But, it is nice and clean now, and it's another small load off my shoulders.  Each little project feels like a victory! Here is today's before and after, the after happily modeled by Mickey!

I also did a really bad thing today. As I was finishing up my project by vacuuming the entry and hallway, I started feeling a little woozy. Shortly thereafter, I realized, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, that I hadn't eaten anything!!!!  BAD JUJU!  I know this will wreak havoc on my diet, so I am going to try to be more conscious about making sure I eat my 3 meals every day in addition to healthy snacks. Hopefully one day won't hurt too bad. I get focused on something and everything else goes out the window, including eating apparently!

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