Saturday, March 5, 2011

Does Grocery Shopping Count?

I don't know why, but I was just extremely exhausted and unmotivated today.  I didn't even do my workout today.  I don't feel too bad because I have been super diligent about it all week and, gosh, I get a pretty good workout every day just doing what it takes to keep the house running!  ;-)  I am not going to get down over one less productive day because I was exhausted!  I am only human after all, right?

We went to a birthday party for one of the little girls next door today and I didn't even have cake or ice cream though!  ;-)  After the party, what I really needed to do rather than find a project around the house to do was go to the grocery store!  We were in serious need of some food - especially healthy food!  So, that's what I did.  We now have lots of good food!  We had Taco Salad for dinner, one of my favorites.  I also allowed myself to have a few drinks tonight.  I was planning on Vodka Crans, because they weren't too bad as far as calories go, but my sister in law, Tiffany, brought over a drink she bought and didn't like, so I tried it instead!  It was pretty good once I added some cranberry juice to it!  I had a few of those and now I am feeling pretty ready to hit the hay!  But here is the yummy drink - it just needs a little cranberry juice added to it!  ;-)

In other news, we are finally getting Carly and Callie to sleep in their crib!  (We just ordered the second crib mattress, so soon they will each have their own crib.)  It started with putting them to sleep in their bouncy seats because they were so tiny we wanted them more nearby.  Then, it turned into them sleeping in their swings because they slept better.  It is high time they start sleeping in their own room now (not to mention the fact they are quickly outgrowing their swings!!!!) so we are working on naps and bedtime in there.  Callie, the good sleeper, slept from 10pm to 8:30am last night!!  She's such a good sleeper!  Carly slept from 10pm to 5:30am, which was awesome for her too!  Fingers crossed they keep up the good work and just easily transition to sleeping in there.  :-)

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