Sunday, March 6, 2011

Outlet Shopping!

I've been waiting for today for months!  We got our tax money back, so I got to go to the outlets in Williamsburg to do some spring/summer clothes shopping for the 3 little girls.  Our friends Nick and Juliane came over and Mike and Nick, being the awesome hubbies they are, watched all 7, YES 7, kids while Juliane and I went outlet shopping without kids!  What a treat.  I got some really awesome deals and had such a great time.  I just love my husband - he is so supportive and I am so lucky!  ♥

Check out all the goody bags!

Some of my very favorite things ...

For the babies ...

These are Mickey's, but the babies each got a pink one too (they didn't have the blue in their size.)  I LOVE THESE!!!

A swimsuit for Mickey ...

And THESE made my day.  I'm talking perma-smile!  I have been wearing size 12 jeans, but the ones I tried on were TOO BIG, so I got a 10!!!!  This was all I got for me, but I am stoked!  Size 10 jeans from American Eagle - skinny jeans at that!  Woot Woot!

There is a lot of other cuteness, but I'm too tired to deal with taking pictures in this crappy lighting!  HA!  I am now exhausted after shopping most of the day and then coming home and getting everyone ready for bed.  I am so ready for bed now myself!  Today was a good day.  Now, tomorrow it is back to doing my 30 Day Shred workout and working on my cleaning/organizing projects.  Weekends tend to be more hectic than weekdays it seems just because there isn't as much of a schedule!  

Also, Callie and Carly have been sleeping in their crib fabulously!  They are sleeping in there at night and Callie has slept through the entire night both nights!  Carly got up to eat once last night, but went right back in there after her bottle.  Bragging on my awesome husband again, he got up with her and fed her letting me sleep.  ♥  They have also been napping in there no problem.  This has been SO much easier than I anticipated.  Thank goodness!

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  1. OMG i LOVE everything! Damn darn, now I want to go shopping!!! lol. I do need to get the boys all some summer clothes, but if I make it to the outlets it will be hard to not LOOK at the girl stuff! Those dresses for Mickey are too freakin cute. Love the ones for the babies too.

    Fabulous news about the babies sleeping in their crib!! I sure hope that Andy will make that transition soon.

    And you are SO LUCKY to have a hubby like Mike!!