Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cleaning, Craigslist and Plaza Azteca!

Today was spent cleaning and organizing for most of the day by both Mike and I.  He is working on getting his garage in order, and I am still working on getting Carly and Callie's room in order!  It's getting there!  I took pictures of all the clothes they have outgrown + all the baby items they have outgrown to list on Craigslist.  We are hoping to make enough money to insulate the attic to further save on our heating and AC bill!  Later in the evening, we took a trip to the Navy exchange for a little shopping and then went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Plaza Azteca, afterward to share mexican skewers!  YUM!  It was just Me, Mike and the babies as Haley and Mickey were hanging with Aunt Tiffany.  :-)  Since we shared a meal, I went ahead and got the JUMBO margarita.  It sure was yummy!  I swear, they must put crack in their salsa.  It is the BEST thing I have ever tasted!  I could just drink it.  I am in heaven with a margarita and their chips and salsa!  Life is good!

It was so cute - while we were sitting at the restaurant, Carly and Callie kept reaching for each other and holding hands!  Oh, how it melted my heart!  ♥  I really think they are going to be the best of friends!

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, but it's all I had.  :-)  I just love the weekends!


  1. Very SWEET post. Jealous of your Margarita!! I had a small regular blended one at Ixtapa... Didn't even compare in flavor to Plaza, nor did the chips & salsa, but it was good to get out. I didn't realize it was just you and Mike with C&C. How fun!! Funny how only having 2 seems so easy these days huh!??? When I am down 1 or 2 or when I used to get a break and be down 3... It was amazing that just having 1 seemed almost like NONE.

    Love & Miss.

  2. It is amazing how having 2 (9month old twins at that!) can seem so easy! ;-) It was nice. Mike even said on the way to Plaza, "That was fun! It was nice just being us and the babies." ♥