Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Disastrous Bedroom - Part 1

I have to admit, this one is kind of embarrassing.  Let me explain.  (Not that there is really any excuse for my room to EVER look like this, but still!)  Problem number 1.  My cat, Carina, is a huge scaredy cat.  So whenever someone comes over or she's just feeling the need to be safe, she likes to hide in my dresser drawers. She likes it so much, in fact, that she learned how to open the drawers all by herself to crawl on in whenever she feels the need.  She lays on my clothes and they get cat hair all over them.  YUCK!  This makes me not want to put my clothes in my drawers.  So, I started piling them on top of my dresser.  That got out of hand quickly, so I started folding a lot of my clothes and stacking them at the top of my closet.  Now, enter problem number 2.  I got pregnant with twins and landed myself on bedrest for 8 weeks.  Reaching to the top of my closet wasn't happening!  So, the clothes began piling up again.  I have been a little overwhelmed/busy learning to juggle this new crazy life, so it wasn't high on my priority list to clean it up!  That all changes now.  :-)  Talk about feeling like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders - WOW!  My dresser is clean and the little area next to my side of the bed too.  I still need to find a place for the box of books and the box of DVDs and CDs, but at least it is clean and looks a lot better!  Now, just the other half of the room and the 2 closets to go!  So, here are my rather embarrassing before and afters from today.  I'm being real here - this is what my house has become!  But I'm fixing it one step at a time.  :-)

(Notice the old dresser that is buckling in the middle!
I'm waiting for the day when it finally just splits in half!  LOL)

I love that Mickey is chillin' on the bed eating carrots as I work!

And here are some fun pictures from today.  Callie was laying in the floor playing with Izzie - just like her big sister, Haley, Callie LOVES the animals!  It's so cute.  ♥  (Excuse the crappy phone pictures!)

Then I saw Carly looking so sweet and cute as she lay in the floor drinking her bottle like a big girl while I helped Callie who still constantly drops her bottle when she tries to feed herself.  What a sweet little baby.  ♥

Today was also a huge milestone for me and the twins!  I bathed them TOGETHER by myself for the first time!  They are sitting up well enough now that I can do it.  It is quite hectic with getting them both out, dried and dressed, but it sure beats the bath one, then bath the next ordeal we've been doing!  They are so cute!

And because a picture just doesn't capture the cuteness, here is a little video!

I also did my workout this morning, in spite of a slightly injured foot.  Not sure what I have done to it, but I'm hoping it will just go away and not hinder me from working out.  I am too into this 30 Day Shred to have to stop now!  I have been going nonstop from the time I got up this morning, so I am ready to hit the sack for real!  It's been a very productive day, and that feels GREAT!

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  1. Very productive indeed! I don't think those 2 LO's could be ANY cuter!! ♥♥