Friday, March 4, 2011

A Clean Desk = Happiness

Since I am not an organized person, I don't have planned each day what will be my cleaning/organization project.  So, I just walk around the house and choose what strikes me.  Today, my desk struck me!  It always has junk all over it and let's not even talk about the dust that lives on it!  Iyiyi.  Well, it sure looks great now, and it makes me feel all zen-like.  :-)  One of these days I will have to make the desk drawers my project!  HA!  For now, I will be happy with a clean desktop.

I actually hate my desk now.  There are plans for Mike to build a new wall unit in this area, I just have to design it and I haven't figured it out yet.  I sure can't wait!  All I know is it will have a LOT more storage, and room for 2 people to sit at it.  Room to SEW!  Haley got a sewing machine for Christmas so we could learn to sew and quilt together, but I really don't have a great place for us to do that.  My plan is for that to be part of the built in desk area.

Mike didn't work today because we had someone coming to take a look at our heat, finally!  It has not been working since early December.  Thank God for space heaters!  They have really done the trick.  However, they have done a number on the price of our electric bill!!  After the technician came out, it looks like a whole new unit is in our future because the cost to fix this dinosaur would be pretty silly, and the money would be better applied towards a new unit.  Anyway, I digress.  After the technician left, Mike took Mickey and Izzie outside to play for a little while.  My sweet little Mickey brought me in a dandelion she picked while I was cleaning my desk.  Makes my heart melt every time.  ♥  I remember picking them for my mom when I was a little girl.

Mike is now out getting what he needs to finish up something special for Mickey that I found on Craftiness Is Not Optional.  A dress up closet!  It's going to be so cute.  The first of many woodworking projects on Mike's list, no doubt!  We found this awesome website that has a TON of woodworking plans that we love, love, love!  Oh the plans we have!  All a part of getting this house in order.  It's exciting.

P.S.  I forgot to mention, I did my 30 Day Shred workout today again!  This time, I added 3 pound weights too.  I had been doing it sans weights for 2 reasons.  1.)  I didn't know where our weights were.  2.)  I really am so terribly out of shape I didn't need them!  It was much more difficult with the weights - even a measly 3 pounds!

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