Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday = Weigh Day!

So, today is weigh day - my first weekly one!  I am down 2.2 pounds to 176.2!  Would've been nice to get a bigger number my first week (I lost 4 pounds my first week on weight watchers a few years ago and that was an awesome start!) but I am super thrilled to have lost!  My handy dandy app on my phone tells me if I keep up at this rate, I will be at my goal weight (130) in 4 months.  That would make me SUPER happy if I could do that!  I'm just going to keep it up and do the best I can though.  I'm on the downward spiral and that's what matters!  :-)

Did my 30 Day Shred workout this morning.  Jillian is seriously kicking my BUTT!  And it feels great.  :-)  Haley had a doctor appointment to get a checkup for her asthma this afternoon, and I got a great second workout by carrying BOTH babies into the school IN their infant carriers to pick Haley up early from school!  MAN they are heavy in those things now.  Sheesh!  We just got home a little bit ago and now I need to start thinking about what I am making for dinner.  I don't know if I am going to get to a organizing project today after all this running around!  I'll update later if I can get around to it.  But I did get some more pictures of some of the stuff I got yesterday to share.  *smile*

For Carly and Callie - Carly is the big sister and Callie is the little sister!  ♥

Carly and Callie each got one of the following ...

And these are for Mickey ...

I'm thinking I will at least get the tags cut off all the clothes and get them in the laundry to be washed for a mini project so they aren't sitting around in bags!  ;-)

P.S.  Carly and Callie are still doing awesome sleeping in their crib.  I do believe the transition has been easily made!  Hallelujah!  Now, If Carly would just learn to be as good of a sleeper as her sister, life would be swell!


  1. WooHooo!!! Those are great numbers,Congratulations!

  2. can I just say that your twins are sleeping much better than my four year old twins? yes.

    oh -- and the carseat thing -- it's true, they're crazy heavy -- but i found that 2 balanced me out. haha... the times i carried one it was like something was 'missing' on the other side!! Now i only have one and it's WEIRD! :) (though being able to use TWO arms for ONE seat is a good thing!)

    another comment... can i just say you make clutter look GOOD? your 'before' photos look nice!! :) (my house is sooo dark, i'm normally shooting very high iso and cluttered or clean, my photos are never that nice inside my home!!)

    i'm really loving your blog updates :)

  3. Thanks Kenisha! You are my inspiration, girl!

    Annie - Awww! Thank you! Your comment made me smile. :-) And it's crazy how different it is between 1 baby and 2, isn't it?