Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mickey and the Burpee Garden Starter Kit

Can I just say that most of my day was filled with Mickey driving me BONKERS about the Burpee Garden Starting Kit she got at Home Depot with her daddy last night!  Since I was coming down with a Migraine, after dinner Mike took Mickey to run some errands at BJ's and Home Depot.  While they were at Home Depot, she helped Daddy pick out a Burpee Garden Starting Kit so we can get our vegetable garden started this year.  It was after 10pm when they got home last night, so she had to get straight to getting ready for bed.  First thing this morning, she couldn't stop talking about wanting to plant her seeds!!!  It's was ALL she talked about ALL DAY LONG!!!  She wouldn't stop talking about it so much, that we actually called Daddy at work so she could talk to him and have him tell her that they would do it as soon as he got home from work tonight, and that he would call her when he was on his way!  That worked for about an hour, MAYBE!  Then it was right back to driving me bonkers and saying it had been "days and days" since she talked to Daddy and wondered what was taking him so long?  LOL  It must be hard to be 3 sometimes!  ;-)

In between being badgered about when Daddy would be home, I did some daily cleaning as well as my project for the day, cleaning out the fridge!  Wednesday is trash day, so I am going to make it part of my weekly schedule to clean the fridge out on Tuesdays.  There have been times that some pretty nasty stuff has grown in my leftover tupperwares that were forgotten about!  o_O  YUCK!  This will prevent that from happening anymore.  So, I cleaned out all the old leftovers and expired foods, wiped down the shelves and reorganized everything to be where I like it.  :-)

Mickey found a few things to keep herself occupied other than asking me every 5 minutes when Daddy was going to be home.  She found her old sunglasses and tried them on Callie ...

(crappy cell phone pic!)
And she found a game to play with Callie, spinning her round and round in her exersaucer!  Callie thought it was great fun!

Once Daddy called to say he was on his way to work out at the gym and would be headed home after, we got the starter kit ready to go.  Just waiting on Daddy now!  :-)

I think Mickey had a great time helping us plant the seeds for our starter garden!  It was a lot more hassle letting her help, but she was so happy!  That makes us happy, even if she can be so very frustrating at times!  ;-)

With all that said, the BEST part of my day was an early morning phone call from my best friend, Kelly!!!!  Her daughter, Kylie, and Haley are best friends as well - have been since they were babies!  Well, they live in Florida now and we haven't seen them for almost 2 years.  Turns out her husband is being sent to Alexandria, Virginia for work, so we will get to see them in like 10 days!!!!!  They will be here April 8!  I absolutely CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!  I don't know how I will contain my excitement waiting for the next 10 days!  One thing I do know, I will NOT be telling Mickey or she will drive me BoNkErS about that for the next 10 days! hehe

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  1. Mickey is getting SO big! I can totally hear her asking you 1000x if she can do it. I have one of those too!

    Great job on the fridge. Looks awesome.

    Callie is so darn cute with those glasses!! ♥ And I already told you, Lex loves the video. She wants to keep watching it and giggles. I don't know how to do vids...